Blinded by Grace

One mom, blinded by God's dazzling grace as she mothers, home schools, and tries to live by faith



Welcome! I’m so excited to get to know all of you but I bet you are wondering who I am since you came to my about me page! I’m Brandi, the 29 year old high school sweetheart turned wife to the man who does silly things just to make me laugh. We’ve been married for 8 years and I have to say this is the best year yet! I love the fact that we live in the town where we met and had our first kiss. We have been abundantly blessed with four children, 3 boys and a baby girl. I home school our 7 year old Pickle and our 5 year old Squash. Three year old Pie and Princess Pumpernickel, the one year old, spend their days right alongside the rest of us, making chaos and being loud.

Blinded By Grace is a place where I can share the words that God puts on my heart, encouraging other mamas in their personal pursuit of Jesus while managing life with children. I understand the wildness of boys, the challenges of managing a home and being a good wife and mama, the desire to do things more naturally. My house is in a constant state of mess or, as I like to call it, forced reorganization. My children are loud and wild but wonderful. There are days I do nothing but drink coffee while trying to keep up with the four whirlwinds and days I do nothing but clean. Most days I spend my days answering a million questions, training, feeding the masses and calming the storm in my house. Good thing I have God to calm me! I promise you won’t find sugar coating here. The Lord blessed me with many things but sugar coating wasn’t one of them! You won’t find me making elaborate birthday cakes and amazing sewing projects. There are many others who are blessed with those abilities but not me! You might find encouragement to stay the course, natural remedies, family life, recipes, home school stuff and much more. You will always find candor and honesty. I’m here to share my heart, my life and what the Lord is doing in my life.


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