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Call me crazy… Young Living Oils

I have a confession to make.  My husband thinks I’m crazy.  Like, all the time.  He thinks I have crazy ideas.  Like making my own toothpaste.  Or that vitamins help people get better.  Now before you go thinking I’m super crunchy, I’m not! I wear deodorant- and it’s not even homemade (yet!)! I don’t have dreads and my family doesn’t eat only organic.  I dye my hair with regular ol’ box color, not henna.  I even use super junko make up.

But I was raised in a more naturally minded family.  My mom doesn’t really believe in medicine other than plain aspirin.  So, before I was a mom, I was a massage therapist.  And when I became a Christian, I rejected a lot of the ideas I had before.  I started to look at things from a Christian vs. new age perspective.  And a lot of the things I believed fell into a more new age category and got rejected.  Among these were essential oils.

And then I read the Trim Healthy Mama recipe for Singing Canary.  It calls for an optional 4-8 drops of therapeutic grade lemon oil.  Recently, a friend that I admire and who has an amazing inspiring walk with Jesus, started talking about essential oils in passing.  Then another mom I know, who was my midwife’s assistant, started talking about it and I know she is a believer as well.  So what was all the fuss about?

My friend recommended the blogs GranolaMom4God and Naturally His by Jodi McKenna.  Jodi does such a good job laying it all out, in my opinion.  Plants were made by God, of that I, personally, have no doubt.  God created the oils in the plants and these oils do certain things.  Ok, I was there, I was with it.  But here is what BLEW MY MIND: essential oils are in the Bible! Think Samuel anointing David as king.  I guess I’d always skipped that part or assumed it was olive oil or something… Who knows what I was thinking.  This was crazy! Where did I get this idea that essential oils were new age stuff?  Maybe because they had noticed the healing, the traditions of essential oils and embraced it.  Essential oils and their healing properties became so ingrained in my mind with that new age thing, I never even stopped to think about where the plants come from!  It’s time to redeem God’s creation from the idea that it belongs to “mother earth” and the new agers!

So my husband ordered me the Everyday Essentials distributor kit.  Pretty much because I like to have everything I possibly can and this was the cheapest way to go about that. 🙂  We’ve had it for less than a week but my children request certain ones and gather around when I get my kit out.  My husband is even becoming a believer.  Next post, I will tell you more about how my family is using our oils but for now, here is a handy dandy infographic, just for you, used with permission from Naturally His.  If you pray about it and decide to order something, I would appreciate if you used my distributor number as I get a little kickback… I think.  I dunno because I’m not using Young Living for the kickback but for my family’s health! Anyway, my number is 1522428.

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