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Spicy, Loud and Exciting: My Family

I thought it might be nice to introduce my family to those of you who don’t know us personally. ¬†First of all, you can read the basics on my About page. But, maybe you want to know more about us? Maybe not, but I’m going to pretend like that was a resounding yes! ūüôā

We have 4 children: 3 boys and a girl. ¬†We are a¬†spicy¬†family. ¬†Seriously, read that blog post by Jen Hatmaker. ¬†It describes my family perfectly. ¬†We are loud and wild. ¬†We sing, we dance, we yell and we have PERSONALITY. ¬†We break things on accident. ¬†Even my seven year old reads in crazy voices. ¬†I get asked how I can live in all the wildness but it’s so exciting in my house. ¬†And always more so when Daddy gets home. ¬†I told my children today to smile for a group photo on a field trip. ¬†We stood on the end just in case there were shenanigans. ¬†There were. ¬†If I were the yearbook editor, I would crop us out.

Don’t believe me? Take a look. ¬†Before you do, I want to point out that these are our GOOD pictures, not the ones I thought about deleting. ¬†What about the bad ones you ask? In those, they were all moving fast so they are just blurs. These were all taken in the past week. ¬†And in all of them I told my children to smile nice. ¬†Yes, bad grammar, but it is what I said.


My husband and I met in high school. ¬†At the time I worked in the local family owned video store. ¬†Apparently, he had noticed me months before but I hadn’t noticed him, to be honest. ¬†One night, I was putting away movies and this guy, tall and blonde, with the WORST haircut I’d ever seen- imagine a blonde Julius Caesar- asked me to help him find a movie for his mom. ¬†What a line! Then he asked me out the next night. ¬†Poor guy, worked up all this courage and I said no! But, in my defense, I had plans to go to a birthday party the next day. ¬†He was so devastated, I quickly told him I would go out with him the following day. ¬†He was not my type but so sweet and respectful, so amazingly funny, I totally fell for him! ¬†Now, he is exactly my type and I thank God for him daily. ¬†That’s not the end of the story but I’ll tell you the rest another day.

So that’s us, in all our spicy splendor! And if you think that’s crazy, I will try to get a video of Pumpernickel screeching in new kitten, little girl excitement.

Is your family spicy or sweet?


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